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Just after the immense popularity of TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, Instagram has become another preferred marketing channel for influencers. It paves a way for both brands and millions of people to stand out and get a lot of fame. 

If you acquire a brand or a business owner, getting verification on Instagram is vital. It is something that allows you to establish yourself with authenticity. Simply put, Instagram verification gives you the authenticity mark when it comes to branding. 

So are you curious about getting a blue tick on Instagram? Want to know more about the Instagram verification process? Well, if you want to get a blue tick on Instagram, you’ve reached the right place. 

In this post, we help you explain various steps on how to submit your Instagram verification request and get the blue tick. 

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

The Instagram verification blue badge refers to how you demonstrate your Instagram account. It gives the bonafide presence of a remarkable person or worldwide brand or business. When it comes to social media platforms, the blue mark demonstrates that the specific platform has been affirmed or referred to as genuine. 

A blue tick mark makes Instagram clients rest assured that they are following the perfect individual or brand. Moreover, the platform makes it easy for brands to run and communicate well with the audience. 

Benefits Of Getting A Blue Tick On Your Instagram Account

When it comes to Instagram verification, there is a lot of planning and effort that goes into it. So you make sure you have enough time for you to get started. There are several benefits of being verified from building a better brand to developing a strong social media presence. Having a verified Instagram account makes you more trustworthy on social media while boosting your conversion rates. 

There are several benefits of getting a blue tick on your Instagram account. Here we go:

It Helps Bring More Trust and Credibility to Your Profile

Just assume how you feel when you see a blue tick on your Insta profile. For sure, you feel like your brand becomes more trustworthy. People will trust your brand more by knowing your Instagram has been verified. 

Also, it brings a great opportunity for brands who have spam accounts created in their names. Instagram account verification helps tell which profile is real by showing a blue tick by its name. The verified Instagram badge offers a sense of credibility for brands, further resulting in a growing audience. 

It Offers Better Partnership Potential

Having a blue tick on your Instagram profile doesn’t mean that you are a more qualified influencer than others. It just helps you look better in front of potential partners. 

There are so many brands out there that seek help from other influencers to promote their brands or services. Of course, having their support helps you get the blue tick next to your name and increases the chances of getting new opportunities. 

It Allows Your Instagram Profile to Stand Out

Simply put, not all are verified on Instagram. Thanks to that little blue tick, one can have an account with the verified badge. Such an addition allows your profile to stand out from other similar profiles. This means you can differentiate your profile from those that don’t yet have verification. 

How To Get A Blue Tick On Instagram?

Now that you know how important Instagram profile verification is, let us help you go through the simple steps of applying for a blue tick and getting your account verified. 

  • Sign in to your Instagram account with your credentials. 
  • Next, go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
  • Further, tap on Settings and next on Account.
  • In the next step, you have to tap on the request verification.
  • Once done, apply for the Instagram verification page.
  • There, you can fill in the application form, upload the required documents, and tap on SEND. 
  • After completing all these simple steps, the Instagram team will review your application and cross-check it. In your notification tab, you will quickly get a response from the team. 

 How To Stay Verified?

After getting the blue badge verification, try to retain your reliability and trustworthiness. We’ve described some tips that help you keep up with your verification:

  • Keep your Instagram account public.
  • Must follow Instagram Community guidelines.

 Some useful tips to get verified on Instagram

Anyone using Instagram can request verification. But unfortunately, getting approval for the verification process is not that easy. That’s why we are here with some useful tips that help you get your account verified easily. In no time, your chances increase to avail of the blue tick on Instagram:

  • Never try to buy the verification badge from some third-party app.
  • Keep monitoring your imposter account.
  • Try to get more and more genuine followers.
  • Have a real impact on your engagements.
  • Complete your bio and other account information. 
  • Be genuine and highly searched. 

Things to avoid –

  • Never take shortcuts. Although getting a blue badge is a complex process, try to get it genuinely. 
  • Only prefer to promote a single brand on your bio. Never try to promote other businesses on your bio. 
  • Don’t try to break the Instagram community guidelines. 


Time To Take This Guide Into Account –

It’s an era of the internet where it’s easy to get fame but getting verification takes a lot of effort to justify the identity and credibility. With this useful guide in place, you can more easily get to know how to get verified on Instagram and also keep up with that badge for a long time. 

To gain a safe and secure experience on your Instagram account, it is highly recommended to get the blue badge verification on Instagram. All the above simple steps mentioned help you get the best outcomes, no matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary entity.

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