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When you upload material to the Instagram app, do you have trouble reaching your followers? It’s not just you. The Instagram algorithm forces firms to pay to enhance their posts in order to reach the audience they have developed, even though 90% of users follow at least one business on the network. Just 20% of Instagram users who follow an account see the typical post.

Fortunately, boosting posts helps to address this problem and improves your Instagram marketing plan. Boosting your Instagram posts properly can increase your company’s leads, sales, and revenue, even with a minimal investment. Therefore, the following guide by the top digital marketing company will help you know the best tips for your Instagram post.

What Is A Boosted Post On Instagram

Boosted posts resemble regular Instagram posts very much at first glance because they are simply enhanced versions of your regular posts. The main distinction will be that they will be identified as “sponsored” and may have a call to action (CTA).

There are times when you want your content or message to travel a little bit further on your company’s Instagram account, particularly for posts promoting a new product launch or an influencer-endorsed video. While you won’t want to do it for every post, you may want to do it occasionally. To make sure that the time and effort you invested in developing the organic content was worthwhile in these situations, it’s worth investing a small amount of money into boosting your post.

Additionally, there are several benefits of boosting an Instagram post as well. It includes:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Improves post-engagement metrics
  • It drives clicks to your site
  • It leads to better post analytics

How To Boost An Instagram Post

Are you ready to promote an Instagram post? To share your content with a larger audience directly from the Instagram app, follow these seven steps.

1. Choose a post

You must first choose which existing post you want to boost. It might be an image that’s already working well from a sales viewpoint or one that has a high organic engagement rate; either way, improving it would have a cascading effect on revenue.

Go to your Instagram profile and select the post you want to highlight. A “promote post” button will appear underneath it.

2. Choose your goal

Picking a target for your new campaign is the next stage. Three alternatives are available for you to choose from. The ideal option for your campaign will depend on the goal of post boost:

  • More visits to the profile are ideal for increasing brand recognition and Instagram interaction.
  • Increased website traffic is ideal for generating the targeted leads and sales you want from your website.
  • More messages are great for cultivating connections with followers, both new and old, by enticing them to engage via direct message (DM).

3. Select your target audience

Next, decide which kind of Instagram user you want to see your promoted post in front of. If you meet the requirements for a certain ad category, Instagram’s advertising algorithm needs to know.

However, you have the option of either automatic or manual targeting for anything else. As you might expect, Instagram’s algorithm essentially performs automatic targeting for you. Those individuals that look like or act like your current followers will be the ones the platform chooses to target.

Select “Create your own” if you want to use your own insight and criteria to target people. Utilize characteristics like Location, Age, Gender, and Interests to create an audience that represents your target market. 

4. Set your budget

The next step is to decide how much money you want to spend on the promoted post or your budget. Enter the daily budget you’d like to use as well as the number of days you want the campaign to run.

The expected reach will change as you use the sliders to alter the daily budget and duration of the campaign. This provides you with a good indication of the audience your promoted post will reach after going live.

5. Review your ad

Review the parameters you’ve entered for your boosted post after choosing your budget. Pay great attention to the estimated reach and the targeting criteria. Always keep in mind that increasing the number of individuals who see your content and suit your buyer persona is the aim of boosting every Instagram post.

Before starting the campaign, you can preview the post. When the boosted post arrives in the Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, or Explore page of your target audience, you will be able to see how it will appear.

6. Enter your payment details

Before your Instagram post is promoted, you must input your payment information. To pay for your advertising campaign, you can either enter your credit card information straight into the Instagram platform or utilize an existing Facebook Ads account that is linked to your Instagram business profile.

7. Wait for the approval

Once everything is done, click “Boost Post” and then relax while Instagram does its thing.

It’s important to keep in mind that Instagram reviews boosted posts in batches of 24 hours, so if your post is time-sensitive (such as a product launch), you should be ready and submit it as soon as you can. Until you’re prepared to begin using your budget, you can always halt the advertisement.

Let Virtual Oplossing Help You Shine On Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic social media network for increasing brand recognition, connecting with your target audience, and generating conversions, leads, and consumers for your company. Additionally, you may push organic content even further to get even more value out of your campaign with boosted articles’ assistance.

Review some of your best-performing Instagram posts from the past. Choose those that have a high rate of organic interaction, then use this approach to increase it. Your company’s Instagram account will soon experience a surge in followers, engagement, and activity.

Need assistance with the flurry of activity on your Instagram account? Virtual Oplossing’s digital marketing strategies are created to make your life simpler. Quickly convert followers on Instagram into paying clients with our assistance. Contact us!

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