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Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

It is crucial for healthcare providers to receive timely payments from insurance companies so they can focus on quality care. We help organizations grow by giving them the tools they need to succeed and retain a competitive edge by providing medical billing outsourcing services. Our medical billing solutions are affordable and led by certified and experienced professionals.

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Revenue Cycle Management

By combining industry skills with advanced capabilities, Virtual Healthcare enhances your revenue cycle for medical billing and clinical productivity. With VO Healthcare, you can find the perfect financial solution to address the complex revenue cycle of healthcare practices and doctors. Innovations, systematic frameworks, and deep, analytically-based business insights drive our services.

Providers' Enrollment & Credentialing Services

A thorough examination of the credentials and documents of application practitioners is involved in credentialing. This lengthy process involves accreditation, certification, affiliation, physician licenses, and clinical judgment. Virtual Healthcare is an ideal partner for providers’ enrollment & credentialing services. Our dedicated specialists carry out every step of the accreditation process with conviction, so you don’t have to worry. With a guaranteed reduced time to complete enrollment and credentialing, providers can start treating patients sooner.

DME/HME Billing Services

Providing DME/HME billing services can be an effective way to generate consistent revenue for healthcare providers. The term "durable medical equipment" (DME) refers to items needed to fulfill medical needs as prescribed by doctors. Using our proven work methodology, our billing experts analyze and identify opportunities to increase your income. We tailor our DME billing services to each client's needs. With our workflow, we ensure stable cash flow and reduce costs.

Physician Billing Services

When providers due to inefficiency, mistakes, or errors, do not receive timely reimbursement from insurance companies, an avoidable loss is incurred. Virtual Healthcare Services provides best-in-class medical billing services that help practices improve medical billing, manage AR better, increase payments, and receive reimbursements while allowing them to focus on patient care.

Hospital Billing Services

Hospital billing is a complex process as each step of it requires expert knowledge. Tasks like insurance verification, medical coding, charge entry, accounts receivable, and denial management can put pressure on your practice. Our hospital billing services monitor each bill until the provider receives payment for it. We identify all issues related to medical billing and find quick solutions for them. The expert teams utilize state-of-the-art technology, and well-trained staff to file clean claims with accurate codes.

We guarantee consistent and maximum cashflow

A practice cannot run with a crunch in the revenue flow. Keeping denials at bay and filing a clean claim is the key, and this is our expertise too. We guarantee consistent and maximum cash flow.