Logistic Services - Virtual Oplossing

Who We Are

VO Logistics is an experienced and skilled dispatch management offshore outsourcing company that provides services across the board for shippers & carriers in USA & Canada.

We have a proven track record of managing dispatch successfully for several USA & Canada based freight carriers in the last 5 years. Several companies from small to big size have saved money & increased their revenue by outsourcing their dispatch management to us without compromising on quality.

Benefits Of Our Dispatch Services

Using Vo Logistics dispatch services will transform the way you operate in the United States & Canada. We have a proven track record of exceeding our client’s expectations for several years.

  • Services available for the whole USA and Canada regions
  • Full Support for EDI, ELD/HOS, IFTA, E-Manifest Filing
  • We take care of cross border shipments
  • Dedicated & experienced staff
  • Insurance and tracking Services for all dispatch
  • Error-free finance & accounting services to support dispatch
  • 24*7 Support service available on call & email, We also work on weekend’s
  • IT Services (Digital marketing, Application Development, etc.) to support & evolve your business
  • Our job as (Broker) is to find loads for you & assign them to drivers, and we also manage your dispatch so that no truck runs empty

Why We Are An Outstanding Choice For Your Dispatch

Vo logistics gives you the benefits of outsourcing without sacrificing quality, productivity & privacy. Hiring a full-time dispatch professional in the USA & Canada offsets you with at least $50K to 60K annually. However, using our dispatch professional will cost 14K-18K for the same service. Using this method, you can save on operational, administrative, and overhead costs since we will function on your behalf at reduced costs. All of your services will run with better efficiency, and productivity all the time, You can always count on our experience & knowledge to keep your dispatch in top shape.