Website VS Website Landing Page Design

These two are presumably frequently mentioned in parallel contexts, but it’s possible that you are unsure of their precise distinctions. Which one do you, therefore, require for your business? What’s the difference? In this blog, we’ll explain all of this and more. This is the first round of website vs. website landing page design.

In addition to providing the fundamental definitions, we’ll discuss when to use one over the other depending on your goals and give a few tools that can help you create landing pages and websites that convert.

What Is A Landing Page

A landing page is one web page that exposes the reader to a marketing offer. It should clearly express your objective and be quite explicit. It typically has strong content and calls to action, but you can tweak it to highlight the thing you want to promote the most.

These are the most typical kinds of landing pages:

Click-through landing pages

where users arrive after clicking a link or button (an ad, a search result, or a link from another website). The most popular uses for this form of the landing page are in advertising or on websites that sell goods.

Landing pages that generate leads

created with the purpose of gathering visitor data like names and email. This style of landing page typically has a form, an obvious call to action, and a straightforward layout.

What Is A Website

A website, in contrast to a landing page, is a collection of pages with varied functions gathered under one domain.

You can create a page for whatever you want to showcase online on a website. A website is more of a larger undertaking that can accomplish a number of objectives through its separate sections rather than something that must necessarily convert as a whole. If you choose, you can even utilize it to only disclose your information online.

Some of the most typical pages on a company or professional website include the following:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Shop Blog Contact

Of course, the choice of which pages to highlight on your website is totally up to you. Everything relies on the type of business you run, the goals you have for your website, and the services you provide.

All of the pages mentioned above (and more) may be present on a website, or only a few may be (plus others that are relevant to you). There are other websites with just three or four pages.

The type of website you develop will also affect the pages and structure of your website. For instance, WordPress allows you to build at least ten different sorts of websites. They cover all the key topics one might research to launch an online business.

You would think that creating a website would be difficult. The good news is that WordPress offers everything you require and is simple enough for you to build a website from scratch on your own.

Website V/S Website Landing Page Design

By side-by-side comparison of a landing page and a website, we’ll attempt to make things simpler.

Following is a table that illustrates the key differences between landing pages and websites:

Website Landing Page
Collection of web pages Standalone web page
Built to grow a businessBuild for conversion
Long-term resultsImmediate results
Aims for informationAims for persuasion
Suitable for a professional online presenceSuitable for marketing and advertising campaigns
Drives organic trafficGenerate leads usually through paid advertising
Builds loyalty and trustBuild brand awareness
Create communitiesDrives instant action

Which Is Ideal For Your Business Among The Two?

This question will always have an “it depends” response.

Because it relies on the goals you have for your company.

In a few sentences, here’s how you should decide:

You need a website initially if you want to create a vibrant community around your specialization over time.

Your website is like your business card; it has everything potential clients need to know about you and decide to hire you, including information about your experience, customer testimonials, social proof, community channels, contact information, and examples of your work.

Additionally, you should think about building your own website if you want to have a great online presence and expand your company naturally and you don’t mind working hard to provide high-quality material and offer the best services.

Remember that you may create landing pages for promotion on your website whenever you need to, whether it’s short-term or long-term. In reality, a website is nothing more than a compilation of several pages.

You won’t require a comprehensive website if all you want to do is promote a campaign, a product launch, an event, or anything else with the sole purpose of driving conversions. All you need is a solid landing page.

If you intend to run several campaigns each year and recycle the ones that are repetitious, you might generate a lot of landing pages. It is always possible to update old landing pages to reflect modern trends.

To get as many individuals who might convert to customers as possible to a landing page, you can work with like-minded companies, put links on various websites, or make social media adverts.


That is how we would distinguish a website landing page design from a website.

In summary, a website is a collection of diverse sites (landing pages included) that is more likely to attract repeat customers and people who are enthusiastic about your specialty than a landing page, which is a solitary page designed to convert.

Websites and landing pages are both necessary for a firm to expand. They both help you market your company effectively, grow networks of fans and consumers, and eventually monetize the visitors to your website.

We might say that a website and a few landing pages that are a part of that website are absolutely necessary for a business to be successful online.

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