Shopify V/S BigCommerce Web Development

Both BigCommerce and Shopify are capable of creating and managing online stores, making them both solid choices. Having said that, there are a few significant distinctions between the two platforms that can aid in your decision as to which is best for you.

To make your selection a little bit easier, we’ll compare BigCommerce web development services vs. Shopify in this piece and highlight their significant differences. Therefore, we examine customer service, pricing, usability, designs and flexibility, sales features, and pretty much everything else a person considering opening an online store would be interested in learning about.


All About BigCommerce

One of the eCommerce software market’s companies with the quickest growth is BigCommerce. Their customers range from small businesses opening up new online stores to well-known corporations like Toyota, Bliss, and DressUp. So the features of BigCommerce web development services include:

  • Comparing prices, BigCommerce is more affordable than Shopify. Both won’t empty your bank account, and BigCommerce and Shopify are often priced quite similarly. However, because of its built-in capabilities and lower additional expenditures, BigCommerce has a tiny advantage.
  • Also, it offers greater adaptability if you want to change your theme.
  • Has significantly more built-in features, making it much more appealing.
  • Moreover, it offers marketing features and tools to help you grow your business.
  • offers the capabilities required for the security of your store and the verification of secure online payments.
  • BigCommerce offers a great deal more features, so consumers don’t need to add as many apps.
  • When it comes to enabling multi-currency payments, BigCommerce clearly has the advantage.

All About Shopify

As for Shopify, it was established in 2006. Shopify is a single platform with all the functionalities required for a flourishing company. It manages both the point of sale and eCommerce aspects of the process. You can start over without needing to be an expert. The features of Shopify web development include:

  • Shopify offers superior customer service. Due to its automatic navigation to pertinent help sites, it has an advantage over BigCommerce. Both eCommerce builders offer a variety of support options, but Shopify also offers social media support.
  • Shopify is the best option for beginners because it is simpler to use than BigCommerce.
  • has more options, better designs, and more recent templates to choose from.
  • due to its vast app store, offers more configurable options than BigCommerce.
  • Additionally, the only effective technology that provides Shopify the edge for dropshipping is Oberlo.
  • Shopify makes it easier for customers to learn about the business, piques their curiosity, and inspires them to take action.
  • Because Shopify has a much larger user base, there are more apps available.
  • Also, Shopify offers the essential tools for safeguarding your store and validating secure online transactions.

Shopify Or BigCommerce: A Quick Comparison

While both BigCommerce and Shopify are fantastic in and of themselves, there are significant distinctions that make one platform more appropriate for particular use cases and user categories. Although some expert assessments claim that Shopify is the best platform, Bigcommerce holds its own quite well.

1. Pricing and Costs

Standard: $29,95/month
Plus: $79,95/month
Pro: $299,95/month
Enterprise: Pricing varies depending on requirements.
Lite: $9/month
Basic Shopify: $29/month
Shopify: $79/monthAdvanced
Shopify: $299/month
Shopify Plus: Pricing varies depending on requirements.

2. Customer Support

BigCommerce Shopify
The platform will schedule a 10-minute call for you once you sign up for a free trial on BigCommerce. Additionally, by doing this, BigCommerce will have a better understanding of your company and be able to offer more useful suggestions.Contrary to BigCommerce, Shopify’s customer care team also assists social media. You are taken to the appropriate page in the Shopify knowledge base when you ask for assistance within the Shopify editor. Therefore, this excellent feature puts Shopify above BigCommerce in this regard.

3. Ease Of Use

Because BigCommerce uses a variety of technical words, it is less suited for beginners. Every time you carry out simple operations like adding a product, you might need to seek for some unique terms to understand all the terminology.BigCommerce loses to Shopify in terms of usability. The majority of users give Shopify high marks for its simple onboarding and a user-friendly editor. The left-hand main menu has all the options you require, and a helpful wizard will walk you through setting up your business step-by-step.

4. eCommerce Dropshipping

BigCommerce has a respectable app store with a few excellent apps for finding products. BigCommerce’s other apps, however, range greatly in quality, and none of them are as well-known and complete as Oberlo.However, the main benefit of Shopify for drop shippers is its collaboration with Oberlo and Dropified. Oberlo is the go-to vendor for a wide range of products at discount rates. On the Shopify app store, other comparable applications concentrate on various markets, niches, or geographical areas. They almost all have great ratings and are skilled at what they do because of Shopify’s rigorous curation requirements.

5. Marketing Features

A good strategy to advertise your products is to contact clients through email marketing. So recognize that BigCommerce enables you to sync your store data with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, G Suite, and a few more tools.Shopify email offers you built-in tools to develop strong client interactions. You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates on this platform and use them right immediately. Also, even better, your dashboard allows you to control and evaluate every marketing activity.

Final Thoughts

While both BigCommerce web development services and Shopify are fantastic in their own right, there are key distinctions that make one platform superior to the other for particular uses and user groups.

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