Codeigniter v/s Laravel Web Development

Do you wish to design a remarkable web application? In terms of architecture, you would require a flexible and scalable framework. The last few years have seen significant growth in the popularity of Laravel and CodeIgniter. Businesses can use both frameworks to build dependable and fast web applications. Laravel powers about 0.37% of websites, while CodeIgniter powers 0.36%.


The famous open-source PHP framework Laravel web development is frequently used to create websites and online apps. This framework enables comfortable and simple programming because it employs the MVC paradigm. Since you can use external APIs, one has total control over the project when developing applications. Laravel’s MVC design recycles application logic to provide scalable web applications.

CodeIgniter web development, on the other hand, is a functional object-oriented, event-driven framework that aids in the development of completely functional online applications. In terms of creating interactive websites and web applications, it is one of the most popular frameworks. Users do not have to rely on MVC development techniques, therefore it is possible to connect third-party plugins to give the web project complicated capabilities. There is no doubt that CodeIgniter is extremely secure.

In this blog, we will look at the major difference between the two so that you can make the right decision in choosing the right PHP framework.

Codeigniter vs Laravel Web Development

Structure & UpdatesFor filing, Laravel uses the MVC Structure. It comes with the Artisan command-line tool.MVC is the structure that CodeIgniter has chosen, and it makes onboarding simpler. Object-oriented programming serves as the foundation for the structure. Additionally, it gives developers the freedom to use it in whichever best suits their needs.
Current trends & popularityOne of the most widely used frameworks available at the moment is Laravel. The seasoned coders adore the expressive coding approach.The majority of web developers are switching over to CodeIgniter because of how simple it is to use the 2.x version.
Support for the RESTful APIDevelopers can create a variety of REST APIs with the help of RESTful controllers without having to invest additional effort.The streamlined creation of REST APIs is not made possible by CodeIgniter.
Template engine and API buildingLike Blade, Laravel’s template engine is straightforward but dependable. By modifying and upgrading views, the Blade template engine gives its programmers the ability to improve the efficiency of online applications.There isn’t a built-in template engine in CodeIgniter. You need to integrate this framework with other template engines, such as smarty. This will facilitate completing routine chores and enhance the functionality of websites.
In-built modulesLaravel’s built-in modularity features are its best feature. Any large project can be broken down into smaller modules by the developers, who can then work on each part separately.There are no built-in modularity capabilities in CodeIgniter. The modular extension must be used by the developers to build and manage these modules.
Template languageBlade Template EnginePHP proprietary
Support of other DBMSCompatible databases include ORACLE, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL oriented, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Microsoft BI, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.But in addition, CodeIgniter supports several of the other widely used databases, including DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.
Database modelRelational object-orientedObject-oriented
Programming paradigmComponent OrientedObject-Oriented Event-Driven Functional
Libraries and online helpThe official documentation feature for Laravel is really beneficial. Although the procedure is complex, it is also simple to comprehend.There are many different built-in functionalities in CodeIgniter. On the website, they also offer helpful instruction for beginning coders.
AuthenticationImplementing authentication and authorization rules is made easier by Laravel’s authentication class feature.There are no built-in authentication features in CodeIgniter. With the help of the unique CodeIgniter extensions, the developers must approve and authenticate users.

Some Common FAQs About Laravel And Codeigniter

Is Laravel a Frontend or a Backend?

However, Laravel is a server-side PHP framework for the backend. It is frequently used to build fantastic full-stack apps.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Pick Laravel?

Laravel is a well-known PHP framework that is built on MVC and used to build web applications more quickly. It is an extensible framework with several parts for creating web programs that are future-proof.

When it comes to performance, does Laravel deliver?

Yes. you can use Laravel to create effective apps for various industries. Also, you can use Laravel to produce high-performance and quick apps when properly optimized.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Developers For Laravel And CodeIgniter?

Mostly, a Laravel web development company typically costs between $12 and $30 per hour to hire CodeIgniter web development company is available for hire for $20 to $45 per hour.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, which framework should you pick for your company? Well, that depends on your budget and business needs. Making the appropriate choice while choosing the framework for web development is crucial. Therefore, contacting a few web designers and asking for recommendations based on your demands can be a fantastic idea. To get a specific quote and time estimate for your project, you can search for the top PHP development firm.

However, Laravel is a good option if you want to construct an e-learning web application. Alternatively, CodeIgniter is an option for business owners who need to design a unique CRM or an invoice management system. You can use Laravel to create self-hosted website performance monitoring applications. CodeIgniter helps in creating Systems for point of sale (POS). Laravel is mostly used to create dynamic websites with engaging content. CodeIgniter is a strong PHP framework with improved security that anyone can choose from.

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