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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method for improving organic traffic to your website. WordPress provides you with a number of tools and features to implement those changes effectively. By using the right tools, the ranking of your website improves on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

At Virtual Oplossing, we provide you with excellent SEO services. With an experience of more than a decade, you can relax while watching your website rise ranks on SERP. A majority of the SEO plugins on WordPress are free. But there are certain premium paid plugins too. In this article, we will discuss the Best SEO plugins for WordPress 2023. 


Before going into the details of the Best SEO, let us first see what features make the SEO Plugin the best. There are multiple tools and functionalities on which the SEO plugin depends. The most important ones of them are – 

  • Key Fundamentals – Each SEO tool has its own fundamental basics. It is essential to know this fundamental before actually selecting that particular SEO plugin. Knowing our requirements is essential before installing the plugin. Every plugin has a different function. The tools provided by the plugins also vary from one plugin to another. 
  • Budget – The SEO plugin selected should be in our cost budget. A free SEO plugin does not provide the required tools always. In the case of buying a premium version, it is essential to make sure that the particular SEO plugin should fulfill all requirements. It is also not advisable to purchase a costly SEO tool expecting it to fulfill all our requirements. Cost does not influence the working of the plugin. Often, the most costly Plugin would not have the particular tool we are looking for. 
  • Efficient to use – Make sure that the plugin is user-friendly. There are chances that you might require training to operate this tool. This may sometimes be useful, but often is time-consuming and lowers your efficiency. Firstly, understand the basic operations of the plugin before installation. 

This would help you save a lot of effort in learning the operations, and applications. 

WordPress provides you with added advantages when working on SEO. This is one of the many reasons why WordPress has continuously seen an increase in its downloads. A few of the primary reasons for this are:

  • Focussing on user experience: WordPress always puts user experience as the most important priority. The themes and plugins work together to give the best possible results. Therefore, the ranking stays longer, and the traffic increases considerably.
  • SEO-friendly theme – This is an important part of WordPress. No matter how good the keywords are, aesthetic looks also influence the users. The themes in WordPress are SEO-friendly. This means there is no need to work on the theme of the webpage.  
  • Creative Permalinks – WordPress provides this advantage, which means you can add the keyword in your permalink. Instead of displaying unsorted characters on the permalink, you can now display properly sorted keywords. This not only makes the link look pretty but also increases your ranking. 
  • Managing Metadata – SEO plugins provide the option of adding Metadata to all your posts. When the Metadata consists of proper keywords, the SERP rankings improve. This makes your website more visible and increases traffic. 
  • Optimizing pictures – WordPress allows adding Alt text to each image. Images are eye-catchers on every webpage. And when you combine them with WordPress SEO tools, they are like powerful weapons. These SEO plugins also allow you to add different text for each image. You can even place your keyword in these descriptions so as to boost your rankings. 
  • High load speed – The Word Press pages do not irritate users with slow loading speed. Above all, a high loading speed improves SERP ranking. The SEO plugins in WordPress improve your SERP rankings considerably. 

WordPress further helps in

  • Optimization for mobiles – In the past 5 years, mobile traffic has increased by more than 222%. More and more people are browsing on their phones. It is essential, therefore, for SEO optimization for mobile browsing as well. WordPress SEO plugins are pre-programmed to optimize your web pages for mobiles as well. This is another added advantage provided by WordPress. 
  • Integration for social media – If your social media campaign succeeds, your SEO ranking will improve automatically. WordPress SEO plugins allow you to add social media buttons to your pages. You can easily share your social media updates via these plugins. This makes your website user-friendly too. 
  • On-time SEO updates – WordPress SEO plugins give suggestions for improving rankings. Some plugins give you tips for meta descriptions and SEO titles. This helps in increasing the SERP ranking quickly. 
  • Integration with other tools – WordPress SEO plugins can be easily integrated with other plugins. Tools like Google Analytics and Yoast work in integration along with SEO plugins. This will further boost your SERP ranking and boost your SEO. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools have the capability to boost your Search Engine Results Page. WordPress provides you with the best plugins to boost your rankings. The best SEO plugins for WordPress 2023 will have more advanced features, which can keep them updated with changing trends. 

At Virtual Oplossing, our experienced staff knows how to exactly use the advantages of WordPress SEO plugins. This adds up to be a double advantage – human expertise and artificial intelligence. It’s your time to boost your SERP and watch your WordPress Webpage your business grow exponentially in 2023. 

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