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Even though the WordPress development service is only 19 years old (which is rather young in internet years), its development has been one of the major turning points in recent decades. WordPress statistics will explain it all.

However, one of the most widely used platforms for building websites and content management systems (CMS) is WordPress. Its popularity is only increasing as more small businesses, corporations, and e-commerce companies come to rely on it.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about this outstanding CMS and website builder, we have the most comprehensive list of 24 WordPress statistics for 2022 for you to peruse. Therefore, we’ll discuss several WordPress statistics on this page, including:

  • WordPress usage statistics
  • Plugin statistics of WordPress
  • WordPress theme statistics
  • WordPress security statistics

Therefore, to get the inside scoop on everything related to WordPress, keep reading!

WordPress Usage Statistics

Are you curious about the user base of WordPress? View the data on WordPress usage below:

1. 4.6 million websites worldwide uses WordPress.

More than 74.6 million websites use WordPress, making it one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) and website construction platforms worldwide.

2. There are 2.9 million searches for the term “WordPress” per month on Google.

WordPress is a topic that is actively searched for online, with 2.9 million Google searches for the term per month.

3. WordPress users create more than 500 websites every day, making it the CMS with the fastest growth.

WordPress continues to gain popularity, with more than 500 websites being made using the software every single day.

4. Every second, the global WordPress users create 27 new posts

There are currently 27 new articles published worldwide every second on WordPress, which users continue to use to publish and manage the content of their websites.

5. It is used by 65% of all websites that employ a CMS.

WordPress, which powers 65% of all websites using a CMS, is one of the most widely used CMS platforms in the world, as we have already mentioned.

Plugin Statistics Of WordPress

WordPress has a number of plugins that can help you manage your website more effectively, from boosting search engine rankings to enhancing site security.

Below are some statistics related to WordPress plugins:

1. More than 463 million people have downloaded the Yoast SEO plugin.

One of the most used WordPress plugins is Yoast SEO, which has more than 463 million downloads. It aids customers in enhancing the search engine optimization (SEO) functionality of their websites.

2. More than 133 million people have downloaded the Askimet plugin.

With more than 133 million downloads, Askimet is another well-liked WordPress plugin that assists users in preventing spam comments from appearing on their articles.

3. There have been more than 121 million downloads of the Wordfence Security plugin.

With more than 121 million downloads, the Wordfence Security plugin offers users a firewall to protect their websites.

4. There have been over 120 million downloads of the Jetpack plugin.

There have been more than 120 million downloads of the Jetpack WordPress plugin. Users can use this plugin to enhance the design, security, and marketing strategies of their website.

5. In the official WordPress plugin directory, there are more than 60,000 free plugins available.

More than 60,000 free plugins that improve user website management are available in the official WordPress plugin directory.

WordPress Theme Statistics

WordPress also comes with a variety of themes to assist you in designing and setting up your website in a way that represents your brand and makes it simple for your audience to find your goods or services.

Also, view the statistics of our preferred WordPress themes below:

1. There have been more than 7 million downloads of the Astra theme.

With over seven million downloads, the Astra theme is one of the most widely used WordPress themes.

2. The top a million websites in the world use two of the most well-liked WordPress themes: Divi and Astra.

Divi and Astra are the two most popular WordPress themes out of the 36% of WordPress websites in the top one million websites in the world.

3. The WordPress theme repository has 31,000 themes in total.

With 31,000 themes in its theme repository, WordPress offers a huge selection of themes.

4. More than 9000 free WordPress themes are available in the WordPress theme library.

You’re in luck if you wish to choose a free theme for your WordPress website. Over 9000 free WordPress themes are available.

5. The average cost of a premium WordPress theme is $77.57.

Are you curious about the cost of a WordPress theme? The average cost for a premium WordPress theme among users is $77.57.

WordPress Security Statistics

Are you unsure as to whether WordPress will keep your company’s data and information about website visitors safe and secure?

Well, we’ve collected the essential WordPress statistics below for you:

1. 18.5 billion requests for password attacks were denied by the Wordfence Security plugin.

The Wordfence Security plugin, one of the most dependable WordPress security plugins, has successfully blocked more than 18.5 billion password attack requests.

2. From more than 9.7 million different IP addresses, the Wordfence plugin stopped 4.3 billion attempts to exploit WordPress vulnerabilities.

The Wordfence Security plugin kept WordPress sites as safe and secure as possible by blocking over 4.3 billion attempts to exploit WordPress vulnerabilities from over 9.7 million different IP addresses.

3. WordPress plugins are responsible for 52% of the platform’s vulnerabilities.

Given that 52% of WordPress vulnerabilities relate to plugins, it is imperative to exercise caution while selecting plugins.

4. A flaw in the WordPress hosting system is to blame for 41% of attacks on the platform.

Additionally vulnerable, the WordPress hosting platform accounts for 41% of WordPress attacks.

5. Cross-site scripting is responsible for 39% of WordPress vulnerabilities (XSS).

An injection attack known as XSS enables attackers to interfere with user activities on your website. Additionally, 39% of WordPress website vulnerabilities are caused by XSS.


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